2014 UFV CJSA Annual General Meeting

You are invited to the Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) AGM which will be held on Friday, February 21, 2014. The AGM will be at the Criminology Boardroom A203b at 1:30PM. During this meeting, CRIM students will elect the five CJSA Executive members tasked with managing the association’s affairs for the year ending December 31, 2014. A brief description of the executive positions and their duties is shown below:

  1. President: the President is in charge of conducting all meetings and overseeing all events. The President has final say in all planning and execution of events and is responsible to the SUS and Criminal Justice Faculty.
  2. Vice President of Finance (will also serve as both treasurer and secretary): the Vice President of Finance is responsible for the Associations finances. This member is accountable for all of the CJSA’s bookkeeping and must keep a record of all allocation of funds. This member will be in charge of updating the CJSA on the current state of its finances.
  3. Vice President of Events: The Vice President of Events is in charge of assisting the President in the planning and execution of events. This member is in charge of the logistics, details, and advertisement of each event.
  4. Social Media Coordinator: The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for the regular updating and monitoring of the Facebook page developed by the CJSA. This member is in charge of making sure all posts are relevant and appropriate. This member is in charge of all posts and advertising through social media avenues.
  5. Student Life Representative: The Student Life Representative is in charge of recruitment of new members and advertising events through classroom presentations. This member is also in charge of managing any internal disputes.

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