2014 Spring Firearm Safety Event

On Saturday, March 1 2014, 2014, CJSA students will attend a full-day firearm safety event at the Ridgedale Rod and Club.

This event, scheduled to run from 9am-3pm, is designed to teach students how to handle firearms in a safe manner.  The first hour will spent in a classroom where Professor Gary Mauser will give a lecture on firearm safety. He is a certified Instructor in Firearm Safety Education and a member of Canadian Public Safety Minister Blaney’s Firearms Advisory Committee. No one will be allowed to touch a firearm until they have attended the safety class.

After the classroom session, the students will be introduced to small caliber (.22”) handguns and rifles, and possibly shotguns. In the afternoon, after the training sessions are over, the club members typically share their favorite firearms with guests, allowing them to shoot centre-fire rifles, revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and possibly even black-powder firearms. This part of the day is optional.

The club will provide lunch, insurance, ammunition, and safety gear – including hearing protection.


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